About Airlinx

Located in Melbourne, Airlinx Heating & Cooling Supply is an Australian owned company that specializes in the custom fabricaiton of air movement and airflow control products for the commercial market.

Airlinx has the local capacity to produce and supply the ductwork and ancillary HVAC products for your project. Through our integrated international network, we are able to deliver competitively priced components, delivering you savings on final construction budgets.

With a complete end-to-end manufacturing system, we manage all phases of production; from quotation, processing, fabrication, shipping and delivery.


Why choose Airlinx?

Quality guaranteed

Airlinx has always been a quality-centric company, focused on providing quality manufactured goods at affordable prices. Our dedication to providing excellence is backed by our meticulous attention to detail throughout production and delievery. Your satisfaction and confidence in the superior quality of our products is at the core of our mission.

Industrial Prowess

We pride ourselves in ensuring every project is delivered efficiently, affordably and on-time. We have the industrial capability to deliver multiple large projects simulataneously while having substantial room left-over for storing ductwork and HVAC equipment. Our industrial prowess is the driving force behind our success, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our company vision

At Airlinx, we view our clients as valued partners. Our relentless pursuit of the best service reflects our dedication to building lasting relationships based on trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Everything we do is about bringing the best service to the table. We have a commitment to your projects and provide personalised service to match.

Intergrated Technology

Airlinx employs cutting-edge machinery and customized software for seamless project handling. Our equipment lineup features the HSG TS80 Rotary laser, Prima Fully Automated laser, HSG G3015X Flatbed laser, and advanced laser welding appliances. Additionally, we utilize a proprietary order handling system along with industry-standard software like CAMduct, AutoCAD, and Revit.


What we've worked on

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Our contributions

Effect of Ventilation Design on Removal of Particles in Woodturning Workstations

Airlinx worked with RMIT University on a project approved by the Australian Government called "Characterisation of Wood Dust Exposures and Its Effects on Respiratory Health".

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Research and Development

Airlinx is rapidly expanding its services in providing R&D, manufacturing and supplying, and consultancy services for the development and application of many HVAC systems. The company is gradually developing vital research links with a number of companies in the Asia region such as in China and Hong Kong to further expand the company’s profile of the provision of services.


Quality assured